• The Club in Sonarpur welcomes you to a green experience away from the hustle-bustle of city life. It has nine-hole mini golf course, eastern India's highest artificial rock climbing face, log house and heat controlled swimming pool.

    We have designed our events in such a manner that our members will have the privilege to participate and enjoy in those events. A unique concept introduced in Green Cloud- The club is the facility of transferring your membership to your next generation or family & friends. Also the facility to get back your entire membership fees refunded after a period of 25 years is exquisite. Membership includes 2 adults and 1 child (below 12 years)
    Amenities Include:

    •  Eastern India's highest artificial rock climbing face
    •  Log house- Unique temperature controlled wooden house
    •  Indoor Cricket, Four Lane Bowling, Squash Room
    •  Heat controlled swimming pool
    •  Highest capacity restaurant
    •  Balneotherapy- An exquisite variety of spa with different types of water treatment
    •  Roller skating
    •  Accommodation facility in the world class bungalows
    •  Theme based seasonal events
    •  Open amphitheatre
    •  Open air cafeteria
    •  Discount/ food coupons
    •  Jacuzzi
    •  Multi cuisine restaurant with theme based menu
    •  Gym
    •  Yoga deck
    •  Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis


    •  Sports
    •  Music
    •  Writing
    •  Dance
    •  Fashion Show
    •  Debate/ Talk shows
    •  Free health check-up
    •  Club magazine
    •  Masterchef competition, swimming competition
    •  Best performer's music album


    Rs. 1,25,000

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